This week will be a hard one! After over 2 years, Half Pint is leaving WKDQ for a grown-up job. We have lived through her engagement, shower, wedding, post wedding drama, family issues, school, 21st b-day and graduation from college. And although we have been hard on her at times both on air and off, we love her dearly and she will be greatly missed. But as with our real children, even our radio daughter must leave the nest. :-(

Just wanted to share with you something that happened on Friday, which in the radio business, is just another day at the office. Half Pint got to sit in a Monster Truck!

While I'm sure she will miss all the excitement of live radio, concerts, meeting the artists, being on stage and ALL the cool experiences she has, it won't be nearly as much as WE will miss HER!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

SO, when you see her out with your donuts this week, give her all kinds of love. :-)