For some reason, a post I did 3 years ago is getting some major attention these days. The resurgence of my "You Know You're From Evansville..." blog has brought up one burning question, that everyone seems to have the answer to. It furthers my point I made that everyone argues where Evansville's west side starts.

Here's my original post...

I have gotten several comments claiming to know the exact answer

Uh oh, we have a disagreement already! I guess my previous statement was right. Oh well, let's see if anyone else has an opinion.

Now, I will not speculate on whether or not Evansville's west side starts at Main, but I can tell you that "Every City" does not operate this way. In my hometown, Louisville, for example, Main Street pretty much divides the riverfront from the rest of the city SOUTH of it.

So, I thought I would try and get the consensus from the folks in the building, to see if we get a definitive answer as to where the West Side actually begins.