We have seen way too many stories lately about about animals in the Tri-State area  that have been subjected to unspeakable cruelty and living in horrific conditions. As a result, the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor's office has formed a task force coalition to take a tougher stand on animal cruelty. The task force coalition is made up of representatives from the Evansville Police Department, Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office and the Prosecutor's office that will target three specific aspects with regard to animal cruelty cases - Prevention, Protection and Prosecution.

One other key component in the prevention and protection sides of the equation is community involvement. You and I will be able help in several ways, the first being if you see any sign of animal cruelty, like an animal left in a hot car with the windows up, or if you witness animal abuse first hand, or even suspect an animal's well being is threatened in any way, call 911 immediately.

You can also call 800-78-CRIME if you are aware of any type of ongoing animal neglect or cruelty, even if it's not happening at a particular moment, but has happened at some point. The specifics of your call will be documented and passed on to the proper agency for action.

Animal cruelty is a bigger problem than people realize, which is the primary reason for this task force and with your help, abusers can be identified and dealt with accordingly. All calls to the WeTip line at 800-78-CRIME can be made anonymously. For more information, contact the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor's Office at 812-435-5688.