I’ve never claimed to be a wine connoisseur, so what takes most people one glass to determine if they like a particular flavor sometimes take me ten bottles. And no, that is not a type-o. I said ten bottles. Now to some of you that might sound excessive, and maybe it is. After all, perspective is everything…and I like to be thorough.

The Starlight Red Semi-Dry wine really through me for a loop. Typically I enjoy an extremely dry wine, and frequently I enjoy just about any beer. My problem in tasting this particular blend was that it always seemed to appear in front of me after I had already drank four to six beers. For those of you who subscribe to similar pallets this divergence between being a social wine snob and a beer slut will make all the sense in the world. It doesn’t take a chemist to know that the lingering of barley and hops can really distort the taste buds. Therefore in order to properly taste this wine, or any wine for that matter, you must do so without contaminating your pallet with the king of beers. It is for this very reason that it took me ten bottles of wine before I could give it a proper review… and with respect to this wine’s place as booze here on this earth I felt that it deserved a fair shake.

My review is that the Starlight Red Semi-Dry is a fine wine when consumed under social circumstances and during dinner. However, the $10.99 price tag makes it a bit expensive for the daily drinker…no matter what you eat with it! I suppose that is my only complaint.

Huber Winery was established in 1843 when Simon Huber settled his Southern Indiana farm, beginning as a modest 80 acres that has now expanded to well over 600 acres. Nearly seven generations of Huber’s have lived and worked on the farm since then. Huber’s Winery is Indiana’s largest wine-grape producer, producing nearly 400,00 pounds of grapes per year.