“Finally – found a place that can give a proper fitting. They took the time to work with my elderly mother and the hearing aids she already purchased elsewhere. They reprogrammed them for her specific hearing loss and are planning to enhance the ear mold to improve her ability to capture sound. They even added a manual program setting for the TV. They also work with the family to teach them how to speak to a person with hearing aids and directional microphones. These folks know what they are doing and take the time to help choose hearing aids as well as care for them. Mother walked out feeling like she had new hearing aids even though they were the ones that she felt were nearly dysfunctional before their visit. She was nearly sold another new pair by her former store even though these are only a year old.”
Linda B., Louisville, KY

“The doctor was very professional, very nice, and friendly.”
James B., Evansville, IN

“Angela took her time in making sure everything with my hearing aids was satisfactory to me.”
Steve D., Evansville, IN