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Questions for the Audiologist Expert:
What happens during a hearing test?
Your audiologist will ask you about the difficulties you are having with your hearing, and if there is any hearing loss in your family. She will look in your ears to make sure there is no blockage causing the hearing difficultie…
Meet Dr. Esterline Of Hearing Healthcare Center
Dr. Angela K. Esterline has over 20 years of clinical experience. She has worked in a variety of settings: hospitals, E.N.T. offices, nursing homes, state schools, a military base, and private practices.
She is a state-licensed and nationally-certified audiologist
Expert Services From Hearing Healthcare Center
Comprehensive Hearing Exams
This is where you begin your journey to a life of better hearing. Their hearing test goes well beyond a simple screening to determine what your specific hearing needs may be. From there Dr. Esterline will be able to guide you in your choice of assistive devices and levels …