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Ron Paul – Bad Lip Reading [Video]
Bad Lip Reading
is a hilarious series on YouTube and Ron Paul is the latest target. The people who put these together watch the lip movements of the target and create their own audio and the results are hysterical.
Black Friday Shopping Prank [Video]
It is the Christmas shopping season and the two guys in the below video pulled a hilarious prank on some Target employees on Black Friday. The prank they pulled on each other is even funnier because they each wrote a list of items for the other to find.
Death To Pennies [Video]
We have a huge plastic container in our pantry thet we keep our change in and didn't realize how full it was until it SPILLED all over the pantry the other day. What astonished me was the sheer number of pennies that were in there in fact, it was mostly pennies because we had pilfered all of th…
Secret Smartphone App Records Everyting You Do [Video]
Imagine if everything you did on your smartphone was logged somewhere and was being tracked. Well, according to a security researcher, there is hidden software, known as Carrier IQ that is found on some smartphones including HTC, Blackberry and Nokia.
Mall Santa Inspires A Musical [Video]
Santa is busy talking to the kids of the Tri-State at Eastland Mall as he has done for many years. Mall Santas are everywhere and have you ever thought to yourself this would make a great musical?? Niether have I, but the comedy troupe Improv Everywhere has.
Incredible Frisbee Catch From A Speed Boat [Video]
There have been a ton of trick-shot videos on the internet lately and they are all the rage. Some have been basketball trick-shots, football throws into containers from long distances and frisbee shots. Some of these videos will leave you questioning their authenticity.
First Beer In Space – Natural Light [Video]
How did this event NOT make national news...I mean the first beer in space, are you kidding me?? Huge story. This momentous event occurred on November 18th and was launched by a group guessed it......broke college students because Natural Light is all they can afford, right?
Woman ‘Works’ The Treadmill Like No Other [Video]
I spend countless hours at the Downtown YMCA doing my best to stay in shape and get much needed exercise. Have you ever watched people during their workout? They are so focused, determined and sometimes look like they hate life on that thing. Well, check out the woman in the below video.
This Is One Busy Baby [Video]
We live in a society where people are obsessed with their cell phones and can't seem to live without them. Our entire lives are in those phones and we have to be ready for that next deal and the baby in this video is no exception.
Santa, LeBron And D-Wade Christmas Day
The NBA lockout is over, for now anyway as owners and players reach a tentative agreement. The tentative deal was signed on Saturday and the season will start with a triple-header on Christmas Day. The deal was reached after a marathon 15-hour bargaining session after 149 days of the lockout.

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