Carrie Underwood Is One Of The Most ‘Dangerous’ Celebrities
Carrie Underwood has no use for social networking sites online and has been very vocal about that. Some of her peers however, are Facebook and twitter junkies like Blake Shelton. Shelton is notorious for his 'tweets' on Twitter because of his sense of humor and how often he 'tweets&ap…
Casey James Credits Motorcycle Crash For Opening His Eyes
Casy James, recently added to the lineup for WKDQ's 'Taste of Country' concert September 10th at Ellis Park starring Josh Turner, said recently that his eyes are wide open thanks to an event that almost took his life. On season 9 of American Idol, Casey finished third, but he was coun…
Tough Week For Toby Keith
I am sure Toby Keith would tell you he has had better weeks. It all started last week when his Belmar Golf Club in Norman, Oklahoma was robbed in broad daylight. Then, a few days ago the club's pool was destroyed by fire, the flames from which could be seen from a mile away as fire complet…
Things You Don’t Know About Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton has become one of Country music's hottest stars over the last few years, but there is much more to Blake than meets the eye. We all know what a prankster he is and how much he enjoys 'tweeting' on Twitter. There are some fascinating things about Blake that maybe you…
Rascal Flatts Surprise Oprah At Finale Taping
The guys of Rascal Flatts believe that Oprah Winfrey has done so much for families, households and society at large, they jumped on the chance to be part of the taping of the Oprah finale to sing 'I Won't Let Go' because they feel those lyrics express their feelings toward Oprah more …
Country’s Best Patriotic Songs
Country music and patriotism are synonymous and have been forever. Some of the best patriotic songs ever have come from the 'Country' format. One thing is for sure, everyone has a favorite patriotic song and opinions may differ as to the best of all time.
Summer’s Comin’
After a brutal winter and a spring that has been loaded with severe weather, tornadoes, high gas prices and some not so good economic news, now might be good time to look ahead to summer.
The 80’s – Big Hair – Spandex And Great Country
Big hair and spandex ruled the 80's. When was the last time you busted out those pictures from the 80's and thought to yourself, really...what was I thinking? Well, you were just following with everyone else like we do today with texting, ipads and Facebook.
Famous Country Feuds
Country music is a very close knit genre and most of the players are close and have the utmost respect for each other. Occasionally however, things happen, words exchanged and before you know it, you have a good ole' fashion country feud, some of which might surprise you.