Carrie Underwood has no use for social networking sites online and has been very vocal about that. Some of her peers however, are Facebook and twitter junkies like Blake Shelton. Shelton is notorious for his 'tweets' on Twitter because of his sense of humor and how often he 'tweets'. Other stars are equally adept with social media, but Underwood is just not into it. "I'm glad people can find some happy by telling people what they had for lunch," says Underwood. That being said, why is Carrie Underwood considered so dangerous? It's because she ranks number 51 on the list of the most dangerous celebrity names on the internet, according to anti-virus software company, McAfee.

Carrie Underwood does not have a Twitter or Facebook account so, don't hold your breath waiting to join her network, but be very careful if you are going to 'search' her name on the internet because that could take you places you don't want to go. To read the entire article from, click here.