seen in the tri-state

Seen In The Tri-State – 4 Types Of Concert Goers [VIDEO]
I love concerts!  No really, I LOVE concerts.  Now I know you may say the same thing, but you may not love concerts for the same reason I do.  I enjoy watching the artists perform, but I also love to watch the crowd.  Unless you've never been to one, you have to know what to…
Seen In The Tri-State – Update
It was just last week, when I gave my super money-saving advice to the demolition crew at the Hilliard Lyons building.  With dumpsters flying by crane and not nearly enough yellow tubing, I suggested that these workers were doing it all wrong
Seen In The Tri-State – Flying Dumpsters
Yes, it's time once again for Eric to don his sarcastic hat, and make comments about something he's seen in the Tri-State that just doesn't make sense.  This time it's what I've been looking out my studio window and seeing for the last two weeks.
Seen In The Tri-State – Humorous Obituary
It's time for yet another one of my (sorta) witty observations of things that can be found right here in the Tri-State.  It's not everyday you read an obituary in the Evansville Courier and Press and laugh uncontrollably.  This week, someone with a sense of humor took to the paper to write about a r…
Seen In The Tri-State – Shoes And Shears
Today, I debut a new feature.  I feel like I'm pretty observant when in comes to weird things.  My wife would say a little too observant, but sometimes, you just have to look at something and go, "Wait a minute..."  Take for example, my first picture in the seri…