It's time for yet another one of my (sorta) witty observations of things that can be found right here in the Tri-State.  It's not everyday you read an obituary in the Evansville Courier and Press and laugh uncontrollably.  This week, someone with a sense of humor took to the paper to write about a recently departed loved-one, and decided to keep things light.  Now my only assumption is that the deceased wrote the obit herself and requested it be published this way.  If not, I certainly hope she finds it funny in the afterlife, because I sure do.

God rest the funny soul of Shannon Becker, who at the age of 69 left this world "in a really cool spaceship?"  Yes friends, this is one of the many lines found in Wednesday's edition of the Courier and Press.  The obituary also describes Shannon as "loving wife, nurturing mother, dear sister, beloved grandmother, callous in-law and faithful friend."  Wait...callous in-law?  I hope this isn't just a cruel trick played by one of those jaded in-laws.  As you read further down, you will see that Shannon leaves behind a cat named Tigger that "was preceded in death by her parents, Happy the cat and Muffy the dog."  Other things to know about Shannon is her love for "baggy pickles," along with her dislike of the word "fart."

No kidding.  All this is included in the obituary.  It is so worth reading the entire thing, which you can do at the Evansville Courier and Press website.

I can only hope someone writes something this AWESOME for me when I'm dead and gone!