What’s On TV Besides The Super Bowl On Sunday?
While most of the TV watching population is watching the 49ers and the Ravens duke it out in the Super Bowl on Sunday evening, there are some people that could care less about football.  So, what is there on TV for the folks other than the 110 million watching the big game...
Seen In The Tri-State – 4 Types Of Concert Goers [VIDEO]
I love concerts!  No really, I LOVE concerts.  Now I know you may say the same thing, but you may not love concerts for the same reason I do.  I enjoy watching the artists perform, but I also love to watch the crowd.  Unless you've never been to one, you have to know what to…
Reba’s ‘All The Women I Am Tour’ [PHOTOS]
Reba brought her "All The Women I Am Tour" to Evansville's Ford Center on November 11th.  It was the first country concert to be held in the downtown arena and also featured Eden's Edge, Steel Magnolia, James Otto, and The Band Perry.
Reba and Kimberly Perry Duet [VIDEO]
If you were at the Reba concert, you HAVE to remember when Kimberly Perry joined Reba on stage every night to duet on "Does He Love You," that Reba recorded with Linda Davis, which is Hillary Scott's mom, several years ago. One of my favorite parts of the show..…
No Shave November – Day 14 Update
My quest to grow a beard for the entire month of November has been seen by many as just that.  I guess I need to be more clear (especially to my co-workers in the office) that this stubble on my face is so much more than just for fun.
Someboby’s Chelsea, Reba’s Lastest Single [VIDEO]
The lastest single from Reba, Somebody's Chelsea, is one of her most heartfelt and beautiful songs. The song delivers a bittersweet message of the longing for an undying love. The lyrics speak to the heart of every woman who loves a man and want's to be his forever flame, his for…

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