While most of the TV watching population is watching the 49ers and the Ravens duke it out in the Super Bowl on Sunday evening, there are some people that could care less about football.  So, what is there on TV for the folks other than the 110 million watching the big game?  I think I can help with several marathon broadcasts airing opposite the Super Bowl.

  • Betty White And Sneaky Old Folks

    Watch NBC if you're into octogenarians causing trouble.  'Betty's White's Off Their Rockers' prank show will be re-running some of its best episodes.

    Courtesy of NBC
  • Big Strong Dudes Carrying Stuff

    What else would be on ESPN all night if they can't carry the Super Bowl?  How bout big guys named Magnus, showing their wacky feats of strength.  Watch the marathon of Strong Man Competitions right there on Sunday.

  • Roseanne's Becky Bowl

  • For The Rugrats...Rugrats

    Little kids may not be all that into football, so Nick has lined up episodes of the classic cartoon and even thrown in the movie 'Rugrats in Paris' for good measure.

    Courtesy of Nickelodeon
  • Can't Go Wrong With Reba

    Maybe you want to watch some country music videos instead of the pigskin on Sunday, well CMT won't help you with that, but they do have the queen of country and her former hit show back-to-back for all your Reba needs!

    Facebook / Reba