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Presidential NCAA Bracketology 2012 [Video]
The NCAA tournament gets underway today with Kentucky being the overall Number one seed. It is no secret that President Obama is a huge basketball fan both as a player and a fan. Every year since taking office, the president has gone through his bracket, region by region complete with explanations a…
Yes Lady, The President Is Talking About You [VIDEO]
During last night’s State of the Union address, while President Obama was talking about a woman named Kathy Proctor, the camera cut to that very same woman in the audience.  While it was a wonderful story, she made sure to interrupt strangers around her letting them know he was talking ab…
Hank Jr. Booted From Monday Night Football [Video]
Hank Williams Jr. has been has been a staple on MNF for years and that relationship has come to an end. ESPN made the announcement yesterday before the Colts - Tamp Bay game that they would be severing their ties with Williams over comments he made comparing President Obama to Hitler.
Chicago Bears Great Refuses White House Invitation
Earlier this month, President Obama invited the 1985 Super Champ Chicago Bears to the White House for the visit that did not happen in 1986. President Reagan invited the World Champs to the White House in January of 1986, but the Challenger disaster forced that visit to be cancelled.