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Eric And Kellie Pickler Meet Again At The Grand Ole Opry
In the long, storied up and down relationship I've had with Kellie Pickler, I've always been excited to talk to her or see her.  C'mon, can you blame me?  So, as I awaited her presence, with one last break left in my show and mere minutes before she took the stage to turn th…
Kellie Pickler Supports Breast Cancer With iPhone Case
Kellie Pickler made a huge statement when she shaved her head in honor of a friend with breast cancer.  She continues to support the cause, with a Twitter account for she and Summer.  Now she's selling a pink ribbon iPhone cover with a portion of the proceeds going to the American Can…
OMG! Kellie Pickler Is Bald [PHOTO]
By now you know that Kellie Pickler is the fake love of my life.  I think  she is the hottest star in country music.  I love her eyes, her smile, her shape, her hair...what her hair is gone!?!  You're darn tootin' it is!

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