In the battle of former American Idol ladies, Kellie Pickler got the duke over Lauren Alaina to become the new champion.  Today, she faces big...and I mean BIG competition in the form of Trace Adkins and is tag team partner Colbie Caillat in the Country Whuppin'!


Champion - Kellie Pickler "Someone Somewhere Tonight"


Facebook / Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler just danced her way to the mirror ball trophy on Dancing With The Stars after a short break from singing, but now she's back with a new record deal, and her first single from a soon to be released album.  She's showing off her traditional country roots with the new ballad called 'Someone Somewhere Tonight.'  Is it a champion like Kellie?  You make the choice now!

Challenger - Trace Adkins w/ Colbie Cailatt - Watch The World End

Facebook / Trace Adkins


Trace Adkins said in a recent interview that he thinks his career may be coming to an end.  While he's not worried about it, he just thinks his 'shelf life' may have expired.  It all revolves around his new album and the airplay he may or may not get from it.  Well, before Trace calls it quits, we need to give him a chance for more hits, with his latest duet with Colbie Caillat.  What do you think?

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