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New Video From Inside Washington Monument During Quake [Video]
The August 23rd earthquake that hit the East coast did quite a bit of
damage in the Washington D.C. area including to the Washington Monument which remains closed for repairs. They knew there was some damage to the monument, but closer inspections revealed more serious damage than previously tho…
Earthquake Hits Nation’s Capitol
An earthquake measuring 5.8 on the richter scale hit in the Washington, D.C. area today at 1:51 EDT. The shaking was felt as far away as New York and New England and Canada. The majority of the shaking was in in Virginia and the USGS says the epicenter is Louisa, Virginia just southeast of Charlotte…
‘Master Switch’ For Obesity Found
Scientists have finally identified a gene linked to diabetes and cholesterol that might act as a 'master switch' that controls other genes found in fat in the human body which could help treat obesity which affects more than half a billion people worldwide, or one in ten adults.
Time Magazine Puts An ‘X’ On Bin Laden
Just days after President Barack Obama announced that Osama bin Laden had been killed by U.S. operatives in Abbottabad, Pakistan, TIME released a preview of its latest issue, in which the terrorist leader appears with a red X over his face.
Food Addiction The Same As Drug Addiction
Have you ever seen a food treat like a milkshake and found it very hard to resist it? You are not alone. According to Reuters, seeing a milkshake can trigger the same areas in the brain that light up when an addict sees drugs.