An Open Letter to My Daughter Emily
Earlier today, my daughter Emily e-mailed me a copy of an assignment she did for school. The assignment was to write a paper about looking through their lives and assign a song that best describes certain parts of their life. I was very surprised at what she wrote and extremely touched.
Dad Figures Out the Perfect Ponytail for His Daughter
Sometimes, the best things come in small packages, like the below video which is less than 10 seconds long but so educational. For dads; having to do your daughter's hair before school can be challenging. I raised three daughters and perfected the top of the head ponytail, or as I liked to call…
The Most Evil Laugh Ever! [Video]
Little kids are so sweet and innocent and this little girl seems like a shining example of that until.........she begins to laugh. This video is very short, but is also very funny and somewhat disturbing in a cute sort of way. This might be the most evil laugh ever as you can see in this short, but …