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Do School Uniforms Infringe On Rights? [Poll]
School uniforms have been a part of private and Catholic schools for years and it's been a hot topic for public schools for years. More and more schools in Evansville are moving toward a uniform-style dress and you can add Bosse and North high schools to the list requiring unifor…
Should Wearing Saggy Pants In Public Be Banned? [Poll]
We have all seen it, that one guy who wears his pants so low, three-quarters of his underwear is in plain view. Some of these people wear their pants SO low that if it were not for their underwear, we would see a lot more of them than we would want or even need to see. Some say it's offensive and sh…
Will The LST 325 Stay In Evansville After 2015? [Poll]
LST 325 has been docked at Evansville's Marina Pointe since 2005 and remains a popular tourist attraction. Evansville made a successful bid in 2005 to have the ship docked here. The eight member LST board of Directors come to Evansville several times a year from seven states.
NASCAR Hits Kentucky Speedway For The First Time
This weekend might be the biggest weekend for the Kentucky Speedway because for the first time, NASCAR rolls in for the track's first Sprint Cup Series race which should draw more than 100,000 race fans. Veteran driver Tony Stewart is very excited about being in a region that he is very fa…
Storm Damage In Warrick County
These are just some of the images from this past weekend and the damage that was left behind as a result of the storms. These photos were taken in Warrick County. Click here to see the images.