Burger King

Burger King Chicken And Pork Will Be Cage-Free By 2017
Burger King, the world's secong largest fast food restaurant made a stunning announcement today that will really raise the bar for rival restaurants. Burger King said that by 2017, all of it's eggs and pork will come from cage-free chickens and pigs.
Wendy’s Knocks Down Burger King For the First Time Ever [Video]
Dave Thomas introduced Wendy's to the world in 1969 and of course they were behind McDonald's and Burger King until now. According to a report on the food industry that is to be released on April 13th, Wendy's has knocked Burger King out of the number two spot for the first time in it…
Most Movie Stars Got Their Start On The Small Screen
If only you could go back in time and see your favorite movie stars trying to make it in Hollywood. How did they get their first break? Many of them started careers showing their acting skills doing commercials. Plus, it was a way to pay the bills while they were waiting for that big movie role...