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Finally! A New Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL Is Here [VIDEO]
If there's one talent I wish I had, it's to turn down the sound on my TV and make up gibberish words that match the lips.  It may not seem like a talent that takes too much skill, but these guys from Bad Lip Reading have perfected it, and never cease to make me laugh so hard I cry.
A Bad Lip Reading Of Game Of Thrones [VIDEO]
I have been obsessed with the geniuses who create the Bad Lip Reading videos ever since I first say the treatment Rascal Flatts and Justin Bieber got a couple years ago.  Ever since then, the guys have doen everything from music videos to political debates to a hilarious dub over the NFL, but now th…
A Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL [VIDEO]
The Bad Lip Reading crew has struck again.  Their hilarious over-dubs have attacked musicians, politicians, and even movies, but now, in honor of the playoffs, they've given the Bad Lip Reading treatment to the NFL.
Paul Ryan Bad Lip Reading Video Is a Masterpiece [Video]
The guys at Bad Lip Reading have done it again and this might be their best bad lip reading video yet. Tonight of course, was the long awaited presidential debate between President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney and the guys at Bad Lip Reading seized the moment.
Ron Paul – Bad Lip Reading [Video]
Bad Lip Reading
is a hilarious series on YouTube and Ron Paul is the latest target. The people who put these together watch the lip movements of the target and create their own audio and the results are hysterical.
Herman Cain Gets A Bad Lip Reading [VIDEO]
Over the last few months, we've seen hilarious videos appear for the presidential hopefuls with their voice dubbed over in a ridiculous way by the YouTube sensations known as "Bad Lip Reading."  Herman Cain is the latest to get the dub treatment...