The guys at Bad Lip Reading have done it again and this might be their best bad lip reading video yet. Tonight of course, was the long awaited presidential debate between President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney and the guys at Bad Lip Reading seized the moment. While both candidates have said things recently that have raised a few eyebrows, their running mates have done the same thing. Last night, on the eve of the debate, VP Joe Biden made some very surprising remarks that got a lot of attention and Paul Ryan has been kind of in the shadows for the last couple of weeks.

So, the Bad Lip Reading guys decided to make a Paul Ryan video diary. In case you are not familiar with these guys: they watch tapes of politicians and create their own version of what was said based on the mouth movements of the subject receiving the bad lip reading. The result here is nothing short of brilliant and completely hysterical, as you can see for yourself below.