Just saying the words belly flop makes you cringe in pain doesn't it. We were watching some video from our recent Florida vacation around the pool and discovered some pretty cool and not so cool belly flops performed completely of course, by accident. There are actual belly flop competitions, which usually indicates alcohol is involved, but ABCs Wipeout has kinda made the belly flop fun, not to mention hilarious to watch. My boys love that show and can't get enough of those epic fails from the course that usually involves some type of belly flop.

Do you remember your belly flops? I sure do, as much as I would like to forget them. I guess it's a little different for guys because if we hit that belly flop just right, the pain and agony goes way beyond the belly...come on guys...admit it, you've been there and know exactly what I'm talking about. In fact, just thinking about it brought my knees together. Check out some awesome flops below.