Summer Means Swimming and Belly Flops
Just saying the words belly flop makes you cringe in pain doesn't it. We were watching some video from our recent Florida vacation around the pool and discovered some pretty cool and not so cool belly flops performed completely of course, by accident.
Indiana Law Enforcement Cracking Down on Drunk Boaters
If you’re going to play on the water in Indiana, you had better stay dry.
As part of a national campaign to raise awareness of the dangers surrounding boating under the influence of drugs and alcohol, Indiana conservation officers will be beefing up patrols across Indiana waterways this summer.
5 Beers to Try for the Perfect Indiana Summer
Nothing says summer quite like having a few or five cold beers with some good friends while doing just about anything that involves the outdoors. And with much warmer temperatures just around the corner, we thought we would take an opportunity to recommend several beers that could quite possibly mak…
Watch The Seasons Change In A Minute [VIDEO]
After living in Florida for a year, I really began to appreiciate the changing of the seasons. Growing up in the Midwest, I expect to play in the snow in the winter, watch football -sitting on bleachers  while drinking hot chocolate while wrapped in a blanket in the fall, smell the flowers blooming …
How Much Is Too Much To Pay For Gas? [POLL]
On the show this morning, we talked about the price of gas decreasing for the first time in 27 days. Granted it ONLY decreased by a penny on average, BUT it went down. Now, Jon has predicted that by Memorial Day, gas will be $5.04 a gallon.  CRAP!!!  I hope he's wrong!!
Summer’s Comin’
After a brutal winter and a spring that has been loaded with severe weather, tornadoes, high gas prices and some not so good economic news, now might be good time to look ahead to summer.