Remember when you were a kid playing with your Hot Wheels set and thinking how cool it would be to actually do the jumps provided in the set like the corkscrew? The folks at Hot Wheels built an actual 2,600-pound dune buggy with hopes of breaking the world record for a corkscrew jump in an automobile.

They built a Hot Wheels looking corkscrew jump pad and landing track, in Hot Wheels orange of course, to try to jump a record distance with the vehicle barrel rolling in mid-air.

Driver Brent Fletcher got behind the wheel and headed for the jump. The take-off was awesome, but the landing was kind of scary. Fletcher landed the car upright on its wheels, traveling a distance of 92-feet to set the record.

The difficult part was not knowing how much the car would rotate in flight. The calculations said the car had to hit the ramp at exactly 54 miles per our and rotate at roughly 230 degrees per second, and that's exactly what happened. Hot Wheels says this beats any other corkscrew jump including the one Chevy did for a 2012 Super Bowl commercial. See for yourself below... this jump was awesome!