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New World Record – Man Catches Baseball Dropped From 1,200 Feet Up
Zack Hample is huge baseball fan and has caught more than 6,800 baseballs in more than 50 Major League ballparks in the U.S. One baseball he hadn't caught yet was one dropped from 1,200 feet, which would be a world record. Hample made the attempt at a minor league baseball field in Massachusett…
Real Life Hot Wheels Car Sets Corkscrew Jump Record [Video]
Remember when you were a kid playing with your Hot Wheels set and thinking how cool it would be to actually do the jumps provided in the set like the corkscrew? The folks at Hot Wheels built an actual 2,600-pound dune buggy with hopes of breaking the world record for a corkscrew jump in an auto…
Grand Rapids Very Much Alive
According to Newsweek magazine, Grand Rapids, Michigan is a 'dying city' and the people of Grand Rapids did not take kindly to that designation. So, the people of the city got together for the world's largest Lip-Dub Ever. Certainly not the actions of a 'dying city'.