I thought I would take a minute to celebrate folks that really love their job.  The staff at O'Hairs Happy Dog Day Care in Evansville love furry friends as much if not more than humans.  I know my Eva loves them, and I'm pretty sure they're fond of her.  We found out about "Happy Dog" a couple of Christmases ago while shopping at the Super Flea Market.  There was a booth promoting the business and we had just gotten Eva.  We thought it might be a great place to take her to play and get some energy out while my wife and I were at work.  This turned out to be Eva's home away from home.  Not only do they let dogs of all sizes come and play for just $15 a day, but they will also provide overnight boarding for just $5 more.  We have taken several overnight trips while Eva played with her friends at O'Hair's.  They also have agility training, plus bathing and grooming.

This isn't just a pitch for the guys (trust me, they have lots of furry clientele already).  I really posted this to thank them for going above and beyond.  O'hairs Happy Dog has a great Facebook page, where they constantly post videos of the dogs playing.  This is great when we go on vacation, and we know our girl is not just locked up in a cage somewhere.  Also, they were so kind when we unexpectedly had to go deliver our human baby.  Eva stayed with them longer than planned and they were very accommodating.  Finally, to show the true heart of the staff of O'Hair's Happy Dog, when I participated in No Shave November for St. Jude, I showed up one day to pick up Eva and a hefty check to support the charity.  I'm so glad we have found these wonderful people that love animals and do a great job taking care of them!  Thanks Happy Dog!

You can find O'Hair's Happy Dog Day Care on Covert Avenue just West of Green River Road.