My quest to raise money for St. Jude through No Shave November was a success.  Thanks to all who contributed, we raised over $450 for St. Jude!  So this morning, I looked at my so-so beard and reluctantly decided to shave it.

I mean it was never that great anyway...Some quotes from those close to me were things like:

-"Dude, grow a beard already" - Friend from high school

-"You need beard growing lessons" -Friend from grade school

-"Eww, get away from me" -My wife

So fine, shave it I did

It was really amazing how long it took, because I even had to plug in my razor after its battery died.

At one point, I thought I might just stop and leave this.

After re-thinking that decision, I finished the job leaving a pathetic amount of fuzz behind.

It was all in fun, but I sure am proud to be a part of fund raising just by being sloppy and lazy...who would have guessed.  One thing's for sure...honey, your clean-shaven man is coming home!

Awww look at that baby face (Eric Cornish)