We normally blog about sports stories that have some kind of local angle, if we blog about sports at all. Colts fans have no use for the New York Jets and the Jets are such a joke right now, their own fans could do without them. Yesterday, they released Tim Tebow in a way that was humiliating and completely disrespectful. Last summer the Jets couldn't wait to sign him and when they did, he just sat there playing a few plays in a handful of games this past year. Whether or not Tebow can actually play quarterback is still unknown, even though every expert says he can't. One thing nobody can question about Tebow is his work ethic and his professionalism in the wake of the unbelievable amount of criticism he has endured since joining the NFL.

The Jets not only kept him on the bench all year, but when they finally released him, it was the Monday after the NFL draft and all of the teams pretty much had their rosters in place for the upcoming season, so there was no place for him to go. Not only did they humiliate him all last season, they made sure to kick him in the head on the way out the door.

Rex Ryan is a blowhard and Mark Sanchez is not a Super Bowl caliber quarterback, so they obviously have problems -- but why treat Tebow that way? Since becoming a Jet, he was the first one in the building every day and the last one to leave. He never complained about his lack of playing time and when he did address the media, it was to reaffirm that he was ready to do whatever the team needed him to, even if that meant sitting on the bench.

I am not necessarily a Tebow fan and I don't know if he can actually play at the NFL level, but I do know he has not been given a chance to really prove himself. While he had success in Denver, the Broncos signed Peyton Manning and everyone knew Tebow's time in Denver was over when that happened.

Tim Tebow will have a very difficult time getting signed by another NFL team at this point. His only hope is that at some point after training camp begins and someone gets hurt and a team needs to fill that spot, otherwise I don't think Tebow suits up in the NFL this year. There is talk that he will possibly play in Canada, but who knows.

All I know is, nobody deserves to be treated the way the Jets treated Tebow and yet, he has said nothing negative and actually thanked the Jets for the opportunity, which speaks volumes about the type of person he is. The NFL could use a few more people like that.

Rex Ryan and the Jets organization have shown what they are all about and its not pretty. Ryan will be gone by the end of the season, if not sooner. As for Tim Tebow, who knows, but I do think he deserves a legitimate shot somewhere... he's earned at least that much.