I have never been one for making New Year's resolutions for a lot of reasons, but I do try and focus on something every year. Like everyone else, I get caught up in other minutia and my resolutions just kind of fly out the window. It dawned on me, over the weekend, that maybe doing less is the ticket this year.

Jon Prell, WKDQ

I know I can be pretty focused and maybe even downright anal about some things and I think the problem is, I simply try to do too much and then I get frustrated when I feel like I  fall short in my accomplishments.

I think maybe instead of putting a little into a lot of different things, I might be better off putting much more into one thing. It's a harsh realization when you realize you can't do as much as you want to. However, I am going to identify just one key area this year and focus on that.

I sometimes think that as a society, we have lost our focus, which is very easy to do when you have the world literally at your finger tips by way of modern technology. It seems like we spend so much time with social media and on our smartphones that we lose sight of the most important things around us - I being as guilty as anybody.

I am going to focus this year on being a better member of society by paying much more attention to the people and circumstances around me and participate more in real time and less through technology. That may sound pretty broad, but it's really just one thing.

If I can just be better at 'being' for the sake of the people around me, both at work and at home, I could find myself way ahead of the game, for once, instead of always feeling like I'm playing catch-up.

Harmony starts from within and if you can be in harmony with yourself and those closest to you, the rest should take care of itself. My all time favorite movie is 'City Slickers' with Billy Crystal and Jack Palance.

One scene from that movie has stuck with me since I first saw the film and that's the scene where Billy Crystal and Jack Palance are talking about life. Palance says to Crystal,"Do you know what the secret of life is?" Crystal says, "What'? Palance says, "One thing, just one thing....you stick to that and everything else don't mean s**t". Crystal asks what that one thing is and Palance says, "That's what you have to figure out".

I think I know what my one thing is...do you know yours?