We live in an app world anymore, don't we? Everyday it seems there is a new app for something and as the technology improves, which it does about every five minutes, there will be more and better apps doing more amazing things that will allow us to stay plugged-in or maybe even unplugged depending on what floats your boat. App stores are all the rage nowadays and at the bottom of this page you can click an AOL article about the must have apps for the new year.

Some of the cool apps include Evernote, which basically allows you to keep all kinds of notes that you can share across all of your devices...great, more sharing. Another new app that will help keep you fit is Lose It! This app allows you to keep track of your dietary and exercise habits, which will probably sound a gigantic alarm anytime you order a plate of nachos at your favorite nacho restaurant. It may also remind you when you last walked further than the distance between your recliner and the refrigerator.

There are new games available like Stupid Zombies, which will have you hunting down the undead to your heart's content because we all know there is just not enough 'zombie' stuff on TV these days. This game will no doubt be totally addicting by the way. You can get all of this in your favorite app store.

There are some apps that I personally would like to see in 2013, things like:

  • An app that will change the traffic light to green when you are stopped at a red light in downtown Evansville at 4am and you are the only on the street for three square miles!!!
  • An app that will moon the guy in front of you at a stop light that is texting and hasn't noticed the light is finally GREEN!!!
  • An app that will translate into English what the person taking your order at your favorite fast food drive thru is saying to you. The mic is supposed be in front of your mouth, not in your mouth....good lord!!!
  • I would love to see an app that would signal the person in front of you in the check-out lane at Wal-Mart to pull up the back of their pants and quit putting things in the rack under the cart!! Nobody wants to see that.....seriously!!!
  • An app for people telling you the longest story EVER that would automatically fast forward them to the POINT of that story!! It can take my wife 15 minutes to ask me stop and get milk on my way home.... for cryin' out loud!

These are just a few new ideas that we can get to work on....whose with me?