This will be the first Christmas for my wife and I in our new house and she has decided that she wants to do Christmas lights on the house this year. We were living in a downtown condo when we got married and were not able to really do anything with Christmas lights beyond our fake tree that is of course, there any other kind? My dad never wanted to do lights on the house when I was a kid because of the angle of our house coupled with the fact that he did not have the patience for such an endeavor. I have never done lights on any of my houses either....way too much work.

People go to great lengths with Christmas lights on their home, some do colored and some do just white. Others actually do other single colors like blue, green and sometimes red. I only recently found out that the debate over white or colored is a heated one and most people have a VERY strong opinion about their preference.

My wife informed the other night that we will do our house in all white, which I hate. I like a little color and would prefer colored, but she says absolutely not!! I personally think that having only white lights is boring as all get out and very dull.

My wife says it is all about appearance and that white lights are beautiful, classy and elegant. So, does that mean colored lights aren't classy and elegant? I don't really know, which is why I'm asking. I mean, doesn't Mama June tell Honey Boo-Boo all the time that a splash of color is the only way to go? I think I agree with Mama June....sorry honey. What do you think?