It's crazy hot outside!!! So, like you, I'm trying to find a great movie INSIDE, in the COOL, to watch on this Fourth of July. That got me thinking about my favorite patriotic movies. I love so many of them, but I tried to narrow it down to five.....

5. Rocky - I remember seeing this movie with my dad when I was a little girl. My sons LOVE all the Rocky movies. Although, not a war movie, it deals with living the American dream! It shows us that there is greatness inside of all of us and that we can accomplish anything that we want. Everybody needs a reminder that when you run up the steps of life, no matter how hard or how long it takes, your perserverence and determination will pay off!! "Yo, Adrian!"

4. Glory - A movie about the civil war and the men af all races it took to fight it and make our country whole again. It shows bravery and extreme courage while facing prejudice amd hatred. This is a movie we all should watch with our children to show that ALL men are brothers fighting the same and for our great country.

3. Born On The Fourth of July - As children our sons grow up playing soldier and wanting the chance to someday, if needed, show bravery when ask to fight for our country. This movie deals with the confusion and violence surrounding the Vietnam War. A critical time in our nations history when the uncertainty of the reason for fighting made us turn on each other.

3. Saving Private Ryan - One of, if not the best, war movies ever made! The movie chron a unit in search of a last remaining son of a family that lost 3 sons during WWII. It shows us the extreme bravery shown by American soldiers whether fighting the enemy or saving each other. The film also reveals the sacrifices made by each and every military family. A MUST SEE!!!

1. Forrest Gump - The most patriotic movie of our time. The movie shows our modern history and the character, Forest Gump, sees American and all the wondereful and sometimes horrible things our country has to offer, through a childs eyes, with wonderment and amazement. We should all live our lives, just like Forest, with no fear only freedom!

HAPPY....air Fourth of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!