The Worst Movies of 2016
There were a lot of great movies in 2016. There were! Please don’t let this list convince you otherwise. The movies were absolutely wonderful this year. Just not these specific movies. These were bad. So, so, so bad. Just awful.
Imagine If Movies and TV Shows Were Written By Children [Video]
Have you ever really listened to your children when having a conversation with them, especially when they are telling a story? My son Evan tells stories with so much passion and really tries to paint the picture with his words, which more often than not, leaves my wife and I scratching our heads, bu…
Our Favorite Christmas Movies
It's Christmas time so that means Christmas movies. Even though the same half-dozen or so holiday favorites are  played again and again, two films that remain  a MUST SEE are ‘A Christmas Story’ and ‘It’s a Wonderful Life…
Who Are The Most Romantic Movie Couples? [VIDEO]
In the movies, it's all about chemistry. When the leading lady and  leading man look at each other, you want to feel it!!  A "Best in Film" survey jointly conducted by ABC News and People magazine found these couple to generate the most heat...

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