Just when you thought they couldn't go any lower into the frying pan...or fry anything worse for your arteries than butter, beer or twinkies...here comes fried Kool-Aid


Yup.  Kool-Aid Balls.  That childhood treat is now a cholesterol-inducing fried fad at your local carnival or county fai.

Creator Charlie Boghosian says his Kool-Aid balls are similar to donut holes. (ummm..yeah...ok Charlie)  The batter is made from flour, water and, yup, you guessed it, Kool-Aid.

Just in case you're curious though...here's ol' Charlie telling ABC News how he (erp) makes (gag) the tasty (oh my word) treats (IGOTTAGO)

Do they remind anyone else of the illustrations of shrunken heads you'd see in your social studies book in grade school?!