First of all for any local mail carriers that might see this, I am not taking issue, I am simply asking a question about something I simply don't understand...why will you not deliver the mail if we have a car parked in front of or near the mailbox? We did not receive mail at our house this past Monday and Tuesday and had no idea why. On Wednesday, our carrier left a note explaining that our son's car was too close to the mailbox, thus preventing him from being able to pull up to the box, which we took as "NO MAIL FOR YOU!!!!" (Always nice to get in a Seinfeld reference).

Again, not taking issue, but so what? Why does it matter where the car is parked and why can't he simply step out of his vehicle and put the mail in the box? I understand the inconvenience, but I fail to see the logic behind NOT delivering that day's mail and moving on to the next house.

What if not getting a certain piece of mail was the difference between paying a bill on time and paying it late because the carrier couldn't walk the two steps to the box? Again, I am just asking because it really doesn't make any sense. Don't get me wrong, mail carriers work very hard and have a very tight schedule to keep and I get that, but really...they can't exit their vehicle?

When I was a kid, the carrier always delivered on foot, parking their vehicle at the end of the street and working their way back to the truck.

Now that I am aware of the problem, our son has been instructed not to block the mailbox, but I still don't fully understand this policy...and I'm sure it is a Postal Service policy. It just seems kind of petty, like they are punishing you for an inconvenience. I'm not angry, just curious....well, maybe I'm a little irritated.