It's look-a-like day across this great country of ours and they say everyone has a twin. There are all kinds of websites with a look-a-like generator that will give you the best match for your picture. Everyone around here says it's kind of fun, but I'm not that excited about it and don't really care who I look like because I really don't. As you can see, it seems I look like Ron know, the 'Sons of Anarchy' guy. I don't see it, but Leslie is absolutely convinced.

 I will say, my wife and I were out somewhere and some random woman flipped out when we walked in, screaming "Oh my god it's that guy from the 'Sons of Anarchy'....look, look, look!!" I was mortified.

The look-a-like generator also had Troy Aikman as a look-a-like for me.....yeah, RIGHT!! Anyway there you have it.