Everyone loves stuffing their faces with hot dogs, hamburgers, and then finding some room for beer soaked cracker jacks (don't judge till you try it). Did you think that it was just a coincidence that Independence Day falls on one of the sunniest, warmest, and sexiest times of the year? Our Country was founded so that all Americans can pursue happiness, right? Now lets get past the political, slightly boring s#!%  and talk about some baseball!

You could travel to St. Louis and watch the cards get their a$$ handed to them, or stay at home and watch your local television broadcast the cards all day long (That's seriously the only thing on Saturday).

We often forget that a nearly 100 year old, legendary field is in our backyard that offers quality family fun at a low price - Bosse Field! It was founded  in June of 1915, originally as a school board project in conjunction with one of the oldest high schools in the state- Bosse High School.

You may remember the movie "A League of Their Own."

Not to be confused with "A Steroid League of Their Own" co-staring A- Rod and Barry Bonds.

This is the only movie were you can watch Rosie O'Donnell throw something other than her opinions and Madonna, in a skirt, bending over to pick up balls, all in one scene. Most of the movie was shot at Bosse Field and the stands really don't look that much different. Oh, did i mention the Otter Belles (cheerleaders) get their uniforms from the movie itself!

Batter Up!

Enjoy one of Evansville's best kept secrets:

The Evansville Otters @ Bosse Field!

Find a homegame here

Ticket Prices Here (If you're a Senior, 55+ you can get in to the the game for about the same price as a gallon of gas!)