Mattingly-RBI Coming to Evansville
Founded by Don and Lori Mattingly, Mattingly Charities has partnered with the MLB's Revive Baseball in Inner cities (RBI), establishing a program  in Evansville as part of the effort to serve underprivileged youth.
Who Has the Most Expensive Beer In Major League Baseball?
There is nothing like going to a baseball game and enjoying a hot dog and a cold beer. There is something about beer and baseball that makes it the perfect marriage. I have season tickets for the Otters at Bosse Field and the first thing I do is get a beer before heading to the seats. Concessions at…
New World Record – Man Catches Baseball Dropped From 1,200 Feet Up
Zack Hample is huge baseball fan and has caught more than 6,800 baseballs in more than 50 Major League ballparks in the U.S. One baseball he hadn't caught yet was one dropped from 1,200 feet, which would be a world record. Hample made the attempt at a minor league baseball field in Massachusett…
Couple Grabs Foul Ball Then Taunts Crying Child [Video]
The below video is one of those things that just makes you cringe. The incident took place Wednesday night during a game between the Yankees and Texas Rangers when a foul ball was tossed into the stands by the outfielder. A kid being held by his father reaches for the ball, but the guy next to dad g…

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