Do You Read or Even See the Signs That Life Shows You?
Life happens and time flies by even if we try and slow it down. Many times, through out your day, you may have signs set before you that you aren't REALLY reading. These aren't street signs or even advertising billboards, they are something totally different.

They are signs showing you wh…
Beware of Memorial Day Related Scams
Scam artists are using the Memorial Day Holiday for criminal activity. They are offering things to veterans and active military that they won't be delivering. The Better Business Bureau has put together a list current scams.
Get Your Money Back from Western Union!
Scams are becoming more and more frequent and one of the most prominent ways for scammers to take advantage of you is asking for a wire transfer through Western Union.
The FTC has reached a settlement with Western Union and if you filed a claim by on or before February 12, 2018, a refund will be on t…
Evansville Man Uses Taxi to Rob Bank And James Corden Jokes About It
Yes, we can all be proud!! (insert sarcasm) A 19 year old, from Evansville, took a taxi to rob a Fifth Third Bank AND took a taxi to flee the scene of the crime. At least you can say he is resourceful! He needed a ride and he got one. HAHA! The EPD Tweet about it has gone viral.

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