It will soon be legal to carry switchblades in the Hoosier state, as a regulation that has been on the books for decades will finally be removed from a laundry list of seemingly dumb Indiana laws.

This summer, Indiana will strengthen the ranks of heathens and petty thugs by lifting the ban on spring-loaded knives, commonly referred to as switchblades, that has been protecting its citizens since 1957.

To do this, legislators essentially found a way to amend a hunting and fishing bill, which is set to supersede the old time law that made it a misdemeanor for Hoosiers to manufacture, possess, display, offer, sell, lend, give away, or purchase switchblades.

“It was an obsolete law,” said state Sen. Jim Tomes, comparing switchblades to the spring-assisted knives that are currently being sold legally across the state. “No one could tell the difference. Maybe the law made some sense back in the ‘50s, but today, it doesn’t make sense.”

Interestingly, the same bill that has now put switchblades back into the hands of law-biding citizens also makes it legal for hunters in Indiana to use silencers on their firearms. House Bill 1563 was signed into law earlier last month and will be effective as of July 1.

Indiana is one of five states in the nation to abolish laws banning switchblades this year. As it stands, switchblades are still against the law in 23 states.