Have you ever really listened to your children when having a conversation with them, especially when they are telling a story? My son Evan tells stories with so much passion and really tries to paint the picture with his words, which more often than not, leaves my wife and I scratching our heads, but laughing hysterically. The below videos are the brainchild of a couple of guys who wondered what movies and TV shows might sound like if written by children, or any real life situation for that matter.

These guys gathered up some children and put them in different situations and told them to pretend they are doing something specific and act it out. The kids were recorded and the two adult guys would re-create the scenario lip-synching the dialogue provided by the children and the results will make you cry with laughter.

These guys post a new video every week on YouTube and call them 'Kid Snippets'. I have posted a few of the funnier ones below, but they are all brilliantly creative. Needless to say, their fans can't wait for the weekly updates. These will make your day.