Speculation has been swirling the last couple weeks about what projects Holiday World and Splashin' Safari have planned for the 2012 season. The announcement will be made next Wednesday, August 3rd.  So, what do Dan and Pat Koch have up their sleeves?  It's hard to say, but I have a few ideas on how to spend the projected $9 Million!  Since the last two years, the main additions have been to Splashin' Safari, I'm thinking it's time to expand the Holidays once again. We already have Christmas, Halloween, and 4th of July, and the most recent, Thanksgiving.  There are several choices left, so here's my top 5 ideas:

1 ) St. Patrick's Day - The options are endless for this area.  I can see the green colors popping off game kiosks and buildings.  How about some corned beef and cabbage in the new restaurant?  And how about the classic rainbow ride, to bring back the thrills the "Banshee" used to provide for park guests and a young leprechaun named Eric.

2 ) New Year's - This new area could put smiles on the faces of everyone from Baby New Year to Father Time.  Clocks could countdown at the top of EVERY HOUR, making it feel like it was always New Year's Eve!  How about a new ride on a larger scale than "Liberty Launch" where guests plummet to the ground in a ball made of crystal.  Hey, Snooki tried to do it, sounds fun to me!

3 ) Valentine's Day - How sweet would this be?  Couples of all ages can fall in love again over a candle-lit lunch (with free Pepsi).  They could then ride through the Tunnel of Love.  I could even see a new coaster for those who have found love and some who hadn't called the "Runaway Bride."

4 ) Easter - Much like the Christmas area at Holiday World, I think this area would be catered more toward the smaller kids and families.  But how cool would it be to have everyday egg hunts?  Maybe they create an off-shoot of one of my favorites, "Gobbler Getaway," and call it the "Rabbit Round-up."  And of course, candy...lots and lots of candy!

5 ) Arbor Day - My wife swears this has to be the answer.  There are plenty of trees just north of the Voyage and Splashin' Safari.  Why not create a wooded adventure through the treetops?  How about Holiday World's first ever suspended coaster called "Tall Timber?"  Arbor day...such an underrated Holiday, really.

Ok, so my ideas are pretty lame, but that's why Dan and Pat Koch get paid the big bucks.  Be on the lookout for the big announcement next Wednesday, and follow Holiday World on Facebook for updates.  Make sure you listen to 99.5 WKDQ in August for your final chances to win tickets to Holiday World and Splashin' Safari for this season.