Guns & Hoses, the charity boxing match between police officers and firefighters for 911 Gives Hope is coming April 21st at the Ford Center. This year's Guns & Hoses will be number five and the series is tied at two championships apiece. This is some of the most exciting boxing you will see, it's fun for the entire family and it's for the kids of the greater Evansville area. Each fight consists of three, one-minute's fast, furious and hard-hitting.

Just like any professional fight, you have to weigh each fighter to make sure they are evenly matched physically. The weigh-in for G & H five is this Saturday night, April 7th, at Show-Me's East beginng at 6:30. For the guys, the weigh-in is about supporting your favorite boxer and team...and for the ladies, the fighting cops and firefighters literally strip down to their shorts to be weighed....OH THE HUMANITY! 

It's a great way to get geared up for Guns & Hoses five which will be a winner take all grudge match. See you at Show-Me's East This Saturday night at 6:30 for the weigh-in. Tickets for Guns & Hoses can e purchased here.