The above title is sooooo true. My wife and I are moving and spent the entire weekend packing up our stuff and we were both astonished at just how much stuff we actually have. I don't know about you, but moving is the worst and really gives you a glimpse into how much stuff you have that you absolutely don't need. I admit, I am one of those people that has a hard time throwing anything away, but you never realize how it accumulates. I found receipts that I swore up and down I needed to keep...only to find that the print on the receipt is no longer readable, in fact, it has completely disappeared.

I found things in my sock drawer that I don't even remember getting and pieces to things I never knew I's crazy!!! Then there are those things you keep for sentimental reasons and then can't remember anything about why that was so memorable.

All I know is, we packed a ton more stuff than we ever needed and don't need now for any reason. Even after we threw out what we thought was a lot of stuff, we still have too much stuff and went back to the store three more times for more boxes, tape and packing paper. I am never moving again and I am not going to buy any more stuff!!! Well, maybe a few things.

Check out George Carlin's classic 1986 bit about 'stuff'. Warning for some language, but surprisingly, no F-Bombs...enjoy.