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Do We Eat Too Much Fast Food? – The Numbers Are Staggering
Over the weekend, we moved into a new home and because the house was a wreck the majority of the weekend, we ate out a few times over the last few days.The crowds at fast food places any more are unbelievable and just this morning, Leslie and I found out what the greatest food in human history is...…
George Carlin Was Right – We Have Too Much Stuff
The above title is sooooo true. My wife and I are moving and spent the entire weekend packing up our stuff and we were both astonished at just how much stuff we actually have. I don't know about you, but moving is the worst and really gives you a glimpse into how much stuff you have that you ab…
Is There Too Much Money in Sports?
On the surface, the answer to that question seems pretty obvious, but maybe it's time to take a much harder look at that question. What brought this to a head for me is the Lance Armstrong story, which unless you have been stranded on Gilligan's Island, you know all about his situation.