Neil Reed, basketball standout at South Spencer High School and IU collapsed and died of cardiac arrest at his California home yesterday, he was 36. It was in 1997 when Reed, a junior at IU, alleged that he was choked by coach Bob Knight in practice. A videotape of that particular practice surfaced that substantiated Reed's claim against Knight. That also proved to be one of the last straws for Knight at IU who was known for his temper as much as his success. Knight was fired in September of that year after being accused of grabbing a student's arm.

Reed later transferred and finished his collegiate career at Southern Mississippi. Reed began his high school career at South Spencer High School, where he played for his father, Terry Reed. Reed finished his high school career in Louisiana and was named a McDonald's high school all-American.

After Knight was fired, Reed told ESPN, "Believe it or not, I'm not happy that Indiana fired Coach Knight. I don't have any feelings about it, mostly because I've had to stand alone for so long. In a way, I've been proven right, but that doesn't make my life any easier."

Most recently, Reed was working at Pioneer Valley High School in Santa Maria, Ca. where he was coaching football, Basketball, golf and teaching physical education since 2007. Reed leaves his wife, Kelly and two daughters. Below is the video of the confrontation between Reed and Knight.