Well, I've officially made it to the halfway point of No Shave November.  This year I am participating in No Shave November to create awareness for Men's prostate health in association with Deaconess Hospital!  Two weeks in without shaving has been rough, but there are certain things I've learned.

1) No amount of conditioner is enough to make the two-week beard less prickly

2) I could have 40 mosquito bites on my face and not itch this much

3) My kids somehow still recognize me, so that's a plus.

4) When I get 'close' to my wife and she says 'eww' it's just the extra exfoliation I'm giving her that is offensive and not my smell.

5) Trimming is allowed, thus removing my hair scarf...a major plus!

6) It could be worse, I know a lot of artists that keep this two-week shadow (probably two days for them) all the time...how do they do that anyway?

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