A big congratulations goes out to Weston Burt, who put together 5 straight wins to make it to the Country Whuppin' Hall of Fame! That means we have two new challengers that face off today. First, it's Billy Currington and his new tune, 'Hey Girl.' He'll be facing off against Maggie Rose and 'Better.'

Challenger #1 - Billy Currington "Hey Girl"

Facebook / Billy Currington

Until you look at Billy Currington's body of work, you forget just how successful he has been.  He doesn't seem to get as many of the big award nominations as others, but his string of number ones speaks for itself.  His delivery, with the right mix of country, soul, and blues, always makes him a threat to the top of the charts.  His new 'sexy' song is no exception.  If you think 'Hey Girl' is a hit, vote now!

Challenger #2 - Maggie Rose "Better"


Facebook / Maggie Rose

The lovely singer and songwriter from Maryland has finally released her first album, after 5 years of working hard to make it in Nashville.  As much as her single 'I Ain't Your Mama' showed her sassy side, her new single shows an open and vulnerable side.  While she didn't write it, she says it does hit very close to home (hear my interview with Maggie).  If you think 'Better' is better, vote for it now!


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