The government shutdown continues because the people WE elected can't figure it out. Americans everywhere are completely exasperated. The below video is a confrontation yesterday between a Congressman and a U.S. National Parks Ranger, which was absolutely outrageous. The Congressman rips the ranger for not allowing the public into the WWll Memorial, which is closed due to the government shutdown. The Ranger was simply doing her job, which she is currently not being paid for.

Rep. Randy Neugebauer approached the Ranger about not letting the public into the Memorial by saying, "How do you look at them and deny them access?" The Ranger responded by saying, "It's difficult," Neugebauer angrily shot back with, "Well, it should be difficult," which forced the Ranger to say, "It is difficult....I'm sorry sir." My question is why is SHE the one apologizing....are you kidding me??

Neugebauer told her, "The Park Service should be ashamed of themselves," to which the Ranger replied, "I'm not ashamed," and then Neugebauer actually said in return, "You should be." If this is how arrogant and out of touch with reality our elected officials really are, we are in far greater trouble than we ever imagined.

Fortunately, we the voters, are very much aware who's fault this is. There are still way too many Americans that do not vote and if nothing else, let the below video serve as the poster child for why EVERY eligible American needs to cast their vote in the next and all future elections.

We can remove these people simply by checking a box in the voting booth. Just make sure you do not check the box that says 'incumbent'. We do have a say, let's just make sure that what we say is heard loud and clear in the next election.